Sam Smith and Adele: one and the same person?

Guest on the Drew Barrymore Show, the actress asked what was the craziest rumor heard about him. And Sam Smith released this conspiracy theory at 2 cents: the interpreter of Unholy (with Kim Petras) would secretly be Adele in drag!

“Because we’ve never been seen together in the same room, and if you slow down her voice, she might sound a bit like mine. So people think we’re the same person and I’m just in drag right now! “told Sam Smith, not without laughing.

This ridiculous rumor that Smith and Adele, 34, are the same person seems to have started circulating on the internet in 2018 when someone posted a video of Adele’s music in slow motion that suddenly made her look like the non-binary interpreter. Then another netizen pointed out that Smith and Adele didn’t attend the Grammys that year. And that’s how the rumor mill got carried away.


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