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Find english description below Antarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest and highest continent on earth. The only people who go inland Antarctica are on the one hand scientists, on the other hand mountaineers and athletes who climb Mt. Vinson, (one of the 7 summits) or march to the pole. The extreme cold and drought, as well as the desert climate, make it practically impossible to ski in the interior of Antarctica. It is precisely this impossibility that magically attracts the two freeriders and adventurers Matthias “Hauni” Haunholder and Matthias Mayr. Together with filmmaker Johannes Aitzetmüller they go on an expedition to find fascinating mountains without external support and to ski them down. The Dreimann team covers more than 150km on foot and with kites and in the end finds a lot more than they ever expected. In the most fascinating landscape in which skiers have ever been on the move, they can ski on the steepest slopes and capture them on film. Do not miss these unique shots and the exciting story behind them! World premiere October 4th BMW Welt Munich Hauni and Matthias are two professional freeriders and adventurers who have been producing films about their adventures for more than 10 years. Her last work “The White Maze” ( won 13 film awards worldwide within the first year of its release. Antarctica is the coldest, third, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all continents. Usually, only scientists, polar explorers, or mountaineers to climb Mt. Vinson have been traveling to Antarctica. Due to the extreme cold, the glaciated terrain and the desert climate, freeskiing seemed to be impos- sible. But the two freeskiers and adventurers Matthias “Hauni” Haunholder and Matthias Mayr don ́t care if regions are ment to be too remote or harsh for skiing. They are getting even more attracted by so called hard conditions. Together with cinematographer Johannes Aitzetmüller they set over for an unsupported expedition into the mainland of Antarctica to find beautiful mountains for skiing. The 3 men team, each hauling a 90kg sled, covered a distance of more than 150km by hiking and using kites. What they found, what much better than expected. The “holy grale” of freeriding. Watch the movie to enjoy the most spectacular landscape humans ever skied in. World premiere October 4th 2018 BMW Welt Munich Hauni and Matthias are two professional freeskiers, adventurers producing their own films for more than 10 years. Their latest success “The White Maze” ( won 13 film awards world wide within the first 12 months after it’s release. Additional Information: Producer: M-Line (Matthias Mayr, Matthias Haunholder) Co-Producer: Servus TV Director: Matthias Mayr Cinematography & Aerials: Johannes Aitzetmüller Athletes: Matthias Haunholder & Matthias Mayr Edit: Rene Knoll, Matthias Mayr Sponsors: BMW, Peak Performance, Smith Optics, Atomic, Sweet Protection, Stubai Bergsport Supporters :, Elan, North Kiteboarding, ABS airbag, Zanier Gloves, athletes, Goal Zero, Dynafit, Lenz Products, JN Kites, Garmin, Advenate


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