Salvini, I don’t care about Berlusconi, Mes isn’t derby – Politics

The Mes “is not a question of supporters, it is not a Milan-Inter derby. There is no Mes without conditions: Berlusconi or Prodi can say what they want but the Mes has been established by a treaty, just read it. If one asks a thousand billions of euros must pay them back and the problem is conditionalities. If you log in, this fund will be able to ask you for pension cuts. ” So the leader of the League Matteo Salvini on Radio Anch’io.

“Does accepting the Mes question Conte? Nothing is questioned, 99% of Italians understand that if there are no halter conditions, our country must use all the necessary resources: if we are lent without interest of the billions, why don’t we use them? “. So the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber of Deputies Graziano Delrio on Radio I too, who, with regard to the opposition of the M5s, repeats: “It is a success to have obtained the Mes without conditionality, the government will decide but cannot say that it does not need it and then does not finance some things because there are no resources. We do not throw the availability of billions for public health overboard. ”


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