Salvaje Valencia: Japanese fusion restaurant

The Wild Japanese restaurant opens its first branch in Valencia.

The recipe is already successfully tested in six cities. The kitchen of ‘Salvaje’ arrives in Valencia this Friday with a blast of fused japanese flavor with the Latin American product. It is not for less, considering that the chef of Salvaje Valencia, Fermín Azkue, is a Venezuelan of Basque descent and with experience in Michelin Star restaurants around the world.

Salvaje opens his first restaurant in Valencia. Lift-EMV

In this case, the Wild formula lands in the heart of the city and the Only You Hotel Valencia, located in the plaza Rodrigo Botet, in what was previously the Hotel Astoria. The place consists of an access from the hotel and an independent one to immerse yourself in the universe designed by interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, which is far from the rest of the Wild places but maintains the recognizable golden rhinos, the image of the house because it is “one of the most dangerous and wild animals”, they say.

As in the rest of Salvaje’s stores, located in Panama, Bogotá, Miami, Guatemala, Barcelona and Madrid, Azkue has designed a menu with special attention to proximity products that are combined with luxury ingredients from different parts of the world. In the Valencian case, Mediterranean seafood and fish will be found, among others, with the A5 quality Japanese wagyu, the highest in the world. JMGA (Japan Meat Grading Association), Japanese meat quality classification.

From Salvaje they highlight that the most popular specialties are the “Dinamita rolls (made of crab, wrapped in soy leaf and accompanied by truffled butter) and Fujiroll (made of snow crab, prawns and Korean gochujiang sauce)”, but also “the whole range of niguiris and sashimis and some hot options like lobster dumpling. ”

The fusion cuisine of Salvaje. Lift-EMV

The most daring, a spirit of those who enter the kitchens of Salvaje, in addition to the menu will be able to enjoy the Omaskase menu, a word that in Japanese means ‘trust’ and in the language of this place it implies being guided by the creations of the Chef.

The best bartender in Spain, at the head of the cocktail bar

The Wild experience is complemented by a powerful musical environment and a cocktail bar signed by Borja Goikoetxea, award for the best cocktail maker in Spain in the World Class Competition 2019. In line with the local gastronomy, the cocktails mix classic recipes with Asian and Latin American ingredients.


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