Salihamidzic excludes winter transfers, Nagelsmann opens the door again immediately

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From: Marius Epp, Florian Schimak

FC Bayern was challenged against Hertha BSC in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. We have collected the votes for the convincing victory of Munich.

Berlin – FC Bayern won their away game at Hertha BSC on Sunday (5:30 p.m.). After the 3: 2 by pursuer Borussia Dortmund * on Saturday at TSG Hoffenheim, Bayern were under pressure, but did not burn anything against Tayfun Korkut’s team.

We have summarized the voices before and after the game for you. Here is the individual review* after the game.

Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) on …

… the many missed chances: “In the end, the goal I conceded bothers me more than the missed chances. Hertha was dangerous with one move because we defended it well. In the end we can prevent the goal we conceded, especially since Manu is also someone who likes to keep a clean sheet. The guys who were on the field from the start were very focused up to that point.”

…Upamecano’s mistake before conceding: “Playing the ball directly is extremely difficult. I’m a big fan of playing such a ball under control. He wasn’t under any pressure.”

… the coming weekend without a game: “We’ve already had three weeks in which we’ve been able to train well. Even though we are FC Bayern, we need training sessions. The free weekend is also good for us. We will then give the guys who have played a lot three days off over the weekend.”

… Brazzo’s rejection of the winter transfers: “It’s always difficult to predict. I’m a friend of exploring the market until it’s gone. But we are not under any pressure to act. Meaningfulness is above everything. We don’t need to do anything now and get players who won’t bring us anything in the second half of the season. Maybe we can get one now that we would get in the summer anyway. But I don’t sit in Brazzo’s office every day trying to convince him.”

Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern) after the game on DAZN about …

… the victory: “Hertha was a bit tired from the cup game, we wanted to put pressure on them and disrupt them early on.”

… the missed chances: “In the final training we always do goal-shooting practice. We not only missed great opportunities, but mostly opportunities.”

… his possible contract extension: “The current status is: The contract runs until 2023. Everything else is irrelevant. I feel good.”

… the absence of Alphonso Davies: “It hurts us, but we have a good squad. We then have to be able to count on every player in the important players.”

Joshua Kimmich (FC Bayern) after the game on DAZN about …

… the game: “It’s really fun to be back on the pitch. We controlled the game today. It could have gone even higher – maybe we need a bit more goal-shooting practice. We haven’t been that good at counter-pressing in the past few games. That was better today.”

… Leroy Sané, whose 5-1 didn’t count: “I scolded him in the dressing room because he didn’t score the fifth goal. Fun, it’s more important if he makes it 1-0 again.”

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern) after the game on DAZN about …

… the victory: “We played well, conceded almost nothing and squeezed Berlin from the first minute. We were looking forward to the game even though we weren’t sure how a Gnabry and Coman defensive wing pincer works. We heard each other on the pitch.”

… his missed chances: “I found the magnet in the opponent’s goalie gloves again.”

… his goal with the sole: “Greetings to the kit man, he screwed the stud on well. But I also have to admit: They didn’t really try to defend me.”

… the DAZN series Decoded, which takes a close look at his game: “I’ve already noticed that the format exists. I have to watch it now so you don’t talk rubbish about me.”

Tayfun Korkut (Trainer Hertha BSC) after the game at DAZN about…

… the defeat: “If you want to have a chance at all in a game like this, a lot has to come together. But we also made clear mistakes. We met a very focused Bayern team. The important moments are not on our side either. We had two very young centre-backs on the pitch, of course they’re not perfect. Now we have to gather new strength again. We must not deviate from the idea now. Those were two special games, very good opponents today. The games that are important to us are still to come.”

… the blunder of his goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow: “I think he knows what happened there.”

Linus Gechter (Hertha BSC) after the game at DAZN about …

… the game: “Bayern are not the easiest opponents, wipe your mouth and carry on. It’s brutally exhausting. We have to work on some things, but we’re doing it step by step. Everything at once is not possible.”

… the displeasure of the fans: “We fought. Everyone saw that we gave 100 percent. I don’t think you can blame us today.”

Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) before the game on DAZN about…

… Robert Lewandowski: “He always delivers. He’s not only a good footballer, he’s also a great person. I think a lot of people envy me for that.”

… the Bayern line-up: “We knew that Hertha had a few failures. We chose a team that can play variably. We can play with a chain of three, but also with a chain of four.

… the fitness of Leroy Sané: “It depends on how intense the game gets. He’s not at 100 percent yet. He’s important to us and I’m glad he’s back. Last week he helped us a lot.

Arne Friedrich (Sports Director Hertha BSC) before the game at DAZN about…

… the balance of power in Berlin: “We are behind Union in the table. We have to work hard now and not talk quite as much.”

… the harsh criticism of the fans: “We can understand the displeasure of the fans, but not the way the criticism is.”

… the game: “Not many trust us today. You can cause a surprise in games like that.”

… his future: “These are topics that I discuss with Fredi Bobic. We will discuss it.”

… Kevin-Prince Boateng: “He came to us and has an incredible experience, let him help us with that. He is an excellent footballer, it is also clear that he is no longer the youngest.”

Hasan Salihamidzic (Sports Director FC Bayern) before the game at DAZN about …

… his future at FC Bayern: “I haven’t dealt with that at all. FC Bayern has always been my home, I enjoy my work. Everything else is not an issue at the moment.”

… the allegedly upcoming contract extension of Manuel Neuer: “He is our captain and we have great confidence in him. We do not comment on the contracts.”

… Winter-Transfers: “We are very well manned and have a good team that is strong. Nothing will happen there.”

… Alphonso Davies: “We miss him, we miss his qualities. But now it’s about his health, he has to see that he gets well.”

… followers BVB: “We focus on ourselves and want to win every game.”

Tayfun Korkut (Trainer Hertha BSC) before the game at DAZN about …

… FC Bayern: “It won’t be enough just to defend. It’s going to be a difficult game. We have to close the gaps and want to play forward ourselves and be courageous. It’s difficult, but it starts at 0-0.”

… the personnel situation: “We have some failures. We had to tinker a bit, but we have a talented team on the pitch.”

… the wake-up problem: “We’ve wasted minutes in the last few games, and we don’t want that to happen to us today. The players were very self-critical after the cup defeat against Union.”

… the difficult new year so far: “We have fluctuations. We still trust the team. But today is not about making amends.”

(epp/smk/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA


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