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Saint-Méen-le-Grand. Five students on their way to France’s best sommelier apprentice

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Four high school students from Mévennes were in the national final for the Best Apprentice of France (MAF) in three years. The tests: written with vinification, viticulture, general culture, recognition of foreign wine labels, blind tasting of a white and a red, recognition of five spirits, decanting of a red wine, order taking in French and in English with recommendation for food and wine pairing.

The jury for the departmental tests was composed, on Monday, among others of Arnaud Louessard, head sommelier at La Fontaine aux Perles, who was MAF, in 2016; Stéphane Le Rest, of the Couleurs du vignoble, in Montauban, vice-champion of France wine merchant in 2014, and former student sommeliers, sales agents, restaurateurs …

French excellence

The president of the jury, Vincent Boué (Meilleur Ouvrier de France glacier in the food industry in 2019), is a dessert and restaurant teacher at the hotel school of La Guerche-de-Bretagne. For Vincent Boué, the title of MOF is recognition towards his peers and a need to pass on his knowledge, particularly to young people. “The technique, the gesture, the know-how, the French excellence …”

In this period of health crisis, he congratulated these young people who do not hesitate to put themselves in the spotlight and to try competitions. “They have the urge. They are ready to reveal themselves before a jury. They worked a lot for this competition and it is not easy because of the lack of face-to-face lessons and the lack of contact with the teachers. “ The competition highlights the sommeliers of tomorrow.

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The president of the jury thanked the members of the jury who take time for these young people. “They have real values ​​to defend. No candidate is unworthy. It’s a great experience. “

For the 32e MAF sommellerie departmental competition, Océane Campion-Cardinal (apprentice at the Kav’adom cellar in Betton) and Mathis Guinard (apprentice at the Racines Restaurant in Rennes) obtained the gold medal. Titouan Morel, Goulven Urvoix and Bastien Blache obtained the silver medal. The five of them will be at the regional final.

Hervé Pérou and Jean François Noyer, sommelier trainer at the hotel school were the coordinators of this departmental meeting. They will prepare for the regional test which will take place on May 25 at the Notre Dame hotel school.

The school is also in the running for the competition for the best student sommelier in France with Briac Grosmaitre. Goulven Urvoix will participate in the national final of the brewers of France.


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