Sails and the Bronx, the culling of eco-monsters at risk |VIDEO

Sails and the Bronx, the culling of eco-monsters at risk |VIDEO

The Meloni government puts a huge question mark on the killing of Neapolitan eco-monsters. Scampia and San Giovanni a Teduccio, i.e. le Vele and Taverna del Ferro, also known as the Bronx. Two symbols of urban decay which, after years of struggle by citizens’ committees, should be definitively demolished between 2023 and 2024.

The conditional is a must because the centre-right government’s proposal to transfer a substantial part of the Pnrr projects, around 13 billion euros, to the Cohesion Fund calls into question the urban redevelopment of East Naples and North Naples. A scenario that has alarmed the committees of the two districts. Today, August 1, a delegation of the residents of Taverna del Ferro presided over via Verdi, the seat of the city council of Naples. They were received first by the mayor and then by the group leaders.

“The decision by the Government to cut the part of the Pnrr relating to the urban regeneration of Naples is like an armed robbery – says Rosaria Cordone, spokeswoman for the Committee of San Giovanni – This money was supposed to guarantee the rebirth of areas devastated by crime and eco-monsters. In Taverna del Ferro there are 360 ​​families waiting for decent housing, on a human scale”.

Mayor Gaetano Manfredi said he was surprised: “As long as the move concerned projects that hadn’t even started, I also agreed, but if we talk about 13 billion euros, I’m quite perplexed. Also because experience teaches me that when the destination of the funds the bureaucratic problems multiply. In reality, it is a proposal from the Italian Government to the European Commission on the subject of renegotiation of the Pnrr. We are going on as if nothing had happened”.

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The works for both projects have already been assigned: “Works must begin in Scampia in October – continues the mayor – while in San Giovanni by the end of the year. Minister Fitto assured that both sites would be financed by the Development Fund and cohesion, but the modalities and times have not been clarified to us”.

The committees will not stop: “If we don’t back down we will go as far as Rome – assures Rosaria Cordone – Those two concrete slats must be demolished”.


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