Sad, 69 infected with HIV/AIDS 10 of them are pregnant women

Beritatrends, Magetan – Findings of new cases or patients infected with HIV/AIDS in Magetan Regency, East Java have decreased every year.

According to data information from the Magetan District Health Office, in 2019 there were 92 people, in 2020 85 people, and in 2021 there were 69 people infected with HIV/AIDS in Magetan Regency. Wednesday (19/01/2022)

According to data from the Magetan District Health Office, the highest level of spread of HIV/AIDS includes Panekan, Candirejo/Kota, and Maospati Districts, where the spread occurs in dimly lit food stalls, boarding houses, and cafes.

When confirmed Plh. Head of the Magetan District Health Office, dr. Rohmat Hidayat said that in 2021 the spread of HIV/AIDS in Magetan Regency decreased slightly compared to the previous year. Wednesday (19/01/2022)

“Perhaps the decline in the spread of HIV/AIDS in Magetan Regency is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So screening activities for suspected HIV/AIDS sufferers cannot be carried out, so the case in 2021 will experience a slight reduction,” said Plh. Head of the Magetan Health Office.

He continued, there were 69 new cases of HIV/AIDS in Magetan Regency in 2021, in fact there were around 10 of them pregnant women suffering from HIV/AIDS.

“For the main target of HIV/AIDS testing in Magetan Regency, pregnant women are pregnant, so all pregnant women who are having their pregnancy checked at our health center are also tested for HIV/AIDS,” added dr. Grace Hidayat.

The integrated examination carried out by the Magetan Health Service mainly at the Puskesmas includes an HIV/AIDS examination, examination of hepatitis, and several other infectious diseases.

“In addition to pregnant women, we Magetan Health Office also examines people suffering from tuberculosis, people who clinically have symptoms of AIDS such as experiencing symptoms of diarrhea repeatedly, as well as prospective brides and grooms we also carry out examinations,” explained dr. Grace Hidayat.

In addition to routine checks at the puskesmas in Magetan Regency, the Magetan Health Office also conducts direct field surveys, such as places suspected of having commercial sex workers, such as cafes, boarding houses, and dimly-lit stalls.

“We will treat those who have been detected with HIV to be given free medicine, which can be taken at the puskesmas or at the hospital, but there are things to remember that patients with regard to discipline must continue to control and take medication regularly, and keep enthusiasm to carry out the infection period,” said Plh. Magetan Health Office.

Pls. Magetan Health Office dr. Rohmat Hidayat advised the people who are infected with HIV/AIDS not to be discouraged, with proper handling later the sufferers can lead normal lives again.

“For patients who are already married, it is hoped that they will be more careful in having sexual relations with their partners, and avoid using sharp objects together with their families,” said dr. Grace Hidayat.

He hoped that in the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was starting to be under control, all other infectious disease eradication activities in Magetan Regency could be carried out again.


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