Ryan Reynolds reveals his worst acting experience

Ryan Reynolds he is one of the most coveted actors of the moment. Having recently starred in movies like ‘Red Alert’, or ‘Free Guy’, The actor has decided to spend some time away from filming, but not from the media, because Ryan Reynolds keeps giving us anecdotes like this one, when He has confessed what has been his worst experience as an actor.

The list of hit movies that Ryan Reynolds has starred in It is quite long, however, everyone has a bad memory of some point in their career. Ryan Reynolds confessed how his was in an interview for Comic Book.

Apparently It is one of his first experiences in the world of acting, when ryan was so lonely 18 or 19 years old. “In one of my early jobs, I was on a sitcom and it was a pilot project. They rewrote it all right before the audience came on set. There were a lot of challenges. In addition, it was with an audience and no one knew his script lines. Everyone was struggling to get this fixed. That was the first time I really tried to experiment with improvisation in front of the camera. “

Ryan Reynolds commented that improvisation saved his life at that time but definitely “It was a nightmare. Like a dream you have when you are not prepared. His face was red, burning, and there were 500 people in front of him watching.”

The character most similar to him

During the Interview, Ryan also commented on the character that most resembled him. that I would have interpreted. “I think my next movie is a project called ‘The Adam Project.’ That is by far the character that most closely resembles me. I’m nervous about that.”

The Adam Project will follow Reynolds as a man who goes back in time to get help from his younger self (Walker Scobell) to find his father (Mark Ruffalo) and save the future.

As to Nolan, his character in ‘Red Alert’, He said it didn’t look like him at all, but rather reminded him of his “defense mechanism that I’ve had since I was little, the one that takes control when I’m scared or nervous.”

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