“RV”: the defeat of the column of American armored personnel carriers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was caught on video

The Russian military destroyed a column of American armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported on March 19 by the Telegram channel “Operation Z: Military commissars of the Russian Spring”.

ATGM “Kornet”

© MOD Russia/Global Look Press

“The footage shows the destruction of another armored group of American M113 armored personnel carriers. During the repulse of the attack, four armored personnel carriers were burned, ” – the message says.

It is noted that the enemy continues to make attempts to break through with the help of NATO armored vehicles. At the same time, it is not specified in which direction the battle took place.

It is emphasized that these are not today’s footage from the Zaporozhye Front, where the fighting continues.

Earlier it was reported that the armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to attack the positions of Russian troops in the Zaporozhye region, a fierce battle is underway near the city of Orekhov.


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