Russian schoolgirls who disappeared after a taxi ride were filmed: Incidents: Russia:

Two 13-year-old Russian schoolgirls who disappeared in the Krasnoyarsk Territory after a taxi ride were filmed. Footage on Thursday, September 9, publishes Mash Siberia in its Telegram-channel.

The footage shows how the two girls climb the path up the hill. Exactly when she made the entry is not specified.

According to 360, the schoolgirls are now alive, but hiding. The head of the public organization “Search for Missing Children – Krasnoyarsk” Oksana Vasilishina told the TV channel that they were seen today in a store in Kolesnikovo (300 kilometers north of Krasnoyarsk).

“So far, we have not been able to locate them,” the volunteer said.

One of the versions of the reason for the escape is a quarrel with the mother of one of the girls, writes Mash Siberia.

Earlier on September 9, it became known that two schoolgirls disappeared in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, who left Lesosibirsk to live with a friend in Kolesnikovo. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the parents had not filed a report on the loss. Law enforcement officers began checking.

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