Russia is turning off the gas supply to Latvia

The state-owned company did not give details of the violations.

Russia had recently halted gas supplies to several EU countries, including Poland and Bulgaria, because they refused to pay in rubles. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin introduced this new regulation in response to EU sanctions against Russia. Payments were usually made in euros or dollars.

The day before, the Latvian gas supply company Latvijas Gaze announced that it would buy gas from Russia again and pay for it in euros and not in rubles. However, the gas will not be bought by Gazprom, but by another Russian supplier, said company boss Aigars Kalvitis. He did not say the name, citing trade secrets.

The government in Latvia recently announced that it wanted to completely stop importing Russian gas from January 2023. This is primarily seen as a reaction to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. After the start of Moscow’s invasion, the flow of gas from Russia to Latvia was interrupted or stopped several times. Deliveries have been increasing since mid-June, according to the capital Riga. Last year, Latvia still bought about 90 percent of its gas from Russia.


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