Russia is not the only problem for Europe

America would like to focus entirely on the Chinese threat. But Russia, too, remains a serious challenge. It is best for Americans and Europeans to encounter it together, explains our columnist Hans-Peter Bartels.

If Russia were really just one “Regional Power”as the former US president did Barack Obama once said America could focus on its main global contest: the „great power competition“ with China. but Wladimir Putin currently appears at least as challenging as Xi Jinping.

Putin is threatening the sovereignty of Ukraine with increasing military pressure, holds the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko in power, intervening with the regular military in Syria and with mercenary troops in Libya and Mali, he has innovative delivery systems for nuclear weapons demonstrated and is deploying new medium-range missiles, the range of which covers all of Germany, to the Kaliningrad enclave. And Moscow still has land-based and sea-based strategic nuclear war potential (of 6,000 nuclear warheads) on a par with that of the United States (5,500 warheads).

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