Rush – Subdivisions (official music video) REACTION

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  1. I love that Rush is your favorite band, it goes to show that great music is great music! All 3 of these guys have popped up in the GOAT discussions for their respective instruments. Someone from a guitar magazine once asked Eddie Van Halen how it feels to be the world’s greatest guitarist. He replied, “I don’t know, maybe ask Alex Lifeson”. Did you go to the Rush event that was playing in select theaters last week?? Very fun to see them on a movie screen with that great audio.

  2. Subdivisions is legendary! Please do some more later Rush. You've done better than most reactors at checking out their later songs but they have so many that get overlooked like Earthshine, Clockwork Angels, Caravan, Leave That Thing Alone (live in Cleveland), Dreamline, Show Don't Tell, Test for Echo… OK I'll stop now 🙂

  3. Most people don't know this but there are actually 8 band members, Neil on drums, Neil on percussion, Alex on guitars, Alex on foot synthesizer, Geddy on bass, Geddy on keyboards, Geddy on foot synthesizer and Geddy singing.

  4. Hi Jamal, I had the opportunity to see Rush live 5 times and I remember the show when they introduced this song, three months later the album came out and I was blown away by the fact that we heard the song before it was released. They always tested new material at their concerts to get feedback. What an awesome Band! I will miss seeing them perform.

  5. I just had a flash back to my youth. I played that video game the kid was playing. It was called Tempest! I spent many a quarter on it. What is not so funny about this video..this is right before school shooting happened…this kid today probably would be one to shoot kids in his school.

  6. So the thing is there was just so much great music in this era (and earlier) we just kind of took it for granted and probably didn’t appreciate the depth and creativity as much as we can today. Great music was everywhere at that time so great bands didn’t stand out as much. Idk what I’m trying to say but yeah, awesome music was just part of that era and it’s a shame we can’t get back the way the industry was back then.

  7. Hi Jamal, I just wanted to remind you about an upcoming event that you might be interested in checking out, Roger Waters Tour2021 will be in Cali from 9/20- 9/28. 1 day in Sacramento, 2 days in SF, then 2 days in LA. I thought you'd be very interested in seeing Roger perform Live, if you want to get a good taste of Pink Floyd in concert is like. I think you should go.

  8. great song like all Rush. don't really need to hear this one anymore. it was a radio hit and somewhat stereotyped them musically. kind of like Hole hearted and More Than Words from Extreme, or To Be With You by Mr. Big, not really representative of the band. Signals for me is one of their weaker albums, but spring boarded them to their next 5 albums, which in my opinion were the best rock albums ever made

  9. You summed it up perfectly… more than I, a long time fan… from feeling the bass riffs to your comment at the end "MAN!" RUSH – the largest cult band! Love your reactions bruh!

  10. Jamel, Geddy wrote this song based on the fact that he grew up in a subdivision and hated it.

    Also, it’s so important for everyone to educate themselves on the fact that Geddy is the child of Polish parents who met in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. This interview is so raw and so honest, if you ever get time to watch it, please do!

  11. Subdivisions is one of my favorite Rush tracks, for a lot of reasons. The musicianship and production are fantastic, and the lyrics are layered in such a way that each verse relates to more than the one obvious thing. It starts out being about teenagers in school and ends being about adults who've adults who've given their all for a certain lifestyle and are still subdivided because of their class.

  12. I’ve been trying to ask you to react to “The Weapon” from the Grace Under Pressure tour in 1984. Please pretty please watch it and react to it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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