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I just saw this on Flipboard and immediately loved it! I love a good action comedy and Guy Ritchiealways has a great ensemble for his films. I enjoyed Jason Statham since I saw the original Transporter and it’s good fun to see him in action films … as long as they’re more comedic (I didn’t like him oh so seriously Wrath of man directed by Ritchie). Apparently this is the fifth Statham / Ritchie collaboration since Lock, stick and two smoke barrels (1998) boy, the stath still looks the same after 20 years !!

Here is the premise per wiki:

Super spy Orson Fortune (Stath, natch!) And his team of top agents are recruiting Hollywood’s greatest movie star, Danny Francesco, to help them on an undercover mission to stop billionaire arms dealer Greg Simmonds from selling a deadly new weapon technology called the the world order threatens to be disrupted

Ritchie works with The gentlemen‘s screenwriters Ivan Atkinson & Marn Davies which was funny and entertaining. Thanks to Weekly entertainment, we have some new pictures ahead of the trailer that will be released on Thursday.

Interesting that Josh Hartnett has been working with Ritchie lately, he’s on it too Wrath of man although it was more of a throwaway character, ahah. I wonder if he plays a bigger role than film star Danny in this movie. Have fun watching Aubrey Plaza here, have never seen her in an action movie and I think her sense of humor would go well with Ritchie’s style.


I’m happy to see Hugh Grant Working with Ritchie again, he seems to be enjoying playing villains in the later part of his career. I remember him saying that he loves playing bad guys because it better suits his real personality. I LOVE his dry, self-deprecating sense of humor! The film also plays Cary Elwes and British rapper Bugzy Malone.

I had to look up the French term ‘ruse de guerre’ in Wikipedia … which is literally translated as stratagem … ‘A military deception against one’s own opponent or actions against one’s own opponent with creative, clever, unorthodox means, sometimes with force multipliers or superior knowledge.’

I’ll put the trailer here as soon as it drops. The film will be released on January 21st… Ritchie’s films are a hit and miss, but let’s hope this turns out to be a good one, even though it was released during what are commonly known as the “dump months”.

What do you think of this upcoming film?


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