Rupertikirtag only with “3-G certificate” –


The Salzburg Rupertikirtag should take place this year despite the increasing number of CoV infections. The old town association presented the CoV prevention concept on Friday. Three old town squares will be cordoned off for Kirtag, the “3-G rule” applies to visitors.

A Rupertikirtag during the pandemic in the usual quality is a special challenge, said the managing director of the old town association, Sandra Woglar-Meyer, on Friday at the presentation of the CoV measures. All visitors need a 3-G certificate. For the control, the spaces also have to be spatially delimited, emphasized the organizer: “And there is no other way than locking everything off.”

70,000 euros for CoV prevention

Instead of the usual five places, the Rupertikirtag will only take place on three places this year. Anyone wishing to enter the Kirtag area at Residenzplatz, Domplatz and Kapitelplatz must in any case provide 3-G verification and register free of charge, preferably in advance on the Internet. The old town association set up a digital access system for this purpose.

Sandra Woglar-Meyer estimates the additional costs arising from the CoV prevention concept amount to 70,000 euros. The majority of this is made up of the personnel costs for the employees. Securities will check the entrances. In addition, undercover inspectors will be on the way, the organizer announced: “There will also be someone on the way to see whether someone has forged the tapes or jumped over the fence. So we really thought very comprehensively. “

Limited to 13,000 visitors

The old town event will take place from September 22nd to 26th. According to the authorities, up to 13,000 people are allowed to stay at the same time on Kirtag this year. The organizer emphasized that it is not decisive whether this number is actually achieved. A nice Kirtag without illnesses go ahead, says Sandra Woglar-Meyer.

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