Running shoe company On: After criticism of mega wages, bosses take a stand

The five-strong management of the Swiss running shoe company On collected 83.6 million francs for the last year. That makes 16.5 million francs per capita for the three founders around David Allemann (52), Caspar Coptetti (44) and Olivier Bernhard (53) as well as the two co-CEOs. This makes them one of the top earners in Switzerland.

Because, unlike their colleagues at UBS or Roche, they only make losses with their company, the salary kings from the sneaker industry have been under criticism for weeks. Many ask themselves: What justification is there for such mega salaries? Last year On made a loss of 170 million Swiss francs. The share price doesn’t justify it either. The minus this year alone: ​​almost 50 percent.


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