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Rumen Radev: We will not force anyone to be vaccinated, but this is the only protection

by drbyos

Everyone is free to make their own decisions about their health, but vaccines are the only protection we have at the moment, said President Rumen Radev in Pernik. He pointed out that this is confirmed by all health statistics on a daily basis. The president also clarified that he had been vaccinated himself.

It is also confirmed by the countries that have advanced with vaccination and are already opening up for a full socio-economic life.

“We will not force anyone to be vaccinated, but there are vaccination points everywhere, so think about yourself and your loved ones,” Radev recommended. “Life is a gift and we should not bet on it recklessly,” Radev said.

Regarding the high prices of electricity and gas, President Radev saidthat the problem is pan-European, and our country is the only one that has the advantage that household consumers are not on the free market, but on the regulated one. However, Radev stressed that Bulgarian citizens are protected from rising electricity prices until the New Year.

“We must introduce such mechanisms so that from the new year, when the regulator will change prices, we will protect Bulgarian citizens as much as possible, and this is being worked on,” the president said. He described as a far-sighted move by the caretaker government to expand the reach of the energy poor through the proposed budget update and to increase the value of the compensation people already receive.

Regarding the mechanisms for business, the President pointed out that quick and definite measures are needed and that is why he initiated a meeting with all affected parties yesterday. “Without dialogue it cannot happen. Yesterday very good proposals were heard, we united around a clear consensus that we must best protect the interests of Bulgarian citizens and businesses with a focus on small and medium enterprises. So I expect in it is time to take all possible decisions within the law “, said Rumen Radev and stressed that the situation is complicated and given the fact that the caretaker government cannot change laws.

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