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Rows of Foods that Cause Gout to Avoid

by drbyos

Gout can occur due to the influence of the food or drink consumed. There are some gout-causing foods which may often be consumed, such as offal and red meat.

According to the National Institute of Health, gout is a form of arthritis that comes from the buildup of uric acid in the body. That buildup causes the formation of tiny uric acid ‘crystals’ in the joints, which are a source of pain.

What are the drinks and foods that cause gout? The following explanation is quoted from various sources:

1. Red meat

Quoted from Prevention, rheumatologist and translation researcher at UCLA Health, Elizabeth Volkmann, MD, says all animal protein sources tend to be high in purines. One of gout-causing foods which is recommended to be avoided or limited is red meat.

Apart from purines, red meat also contains saturated fat which has been linked to uric acid. As for the organs or offal, such as the tongue, liver, brain, it should be avoided.

2. Asparagus

Although vegetables are highly recommended for health, there are several types of vegetables that should be consumed in a limited way, one of which is asparagus.

“We’re not advising patients to avoid it, but you do recommend eating it in moderation,” says Volkmann.

Not only asparagus, this rule also applies to mushrooms and spinach. This is because these vegetables contain high amounts of purines.

3. Seafood or seafood

Some types of seafood or seafood also contain high amounts of purines. For this reason, foods that cause gout should be avoided or consumed in small amounts if you are worried that they can trigger gout.

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Quoted from the Mayo Clinic, several types of seafood should be avoided such as lobster, shrimp, sardines, anchovies, tuna, clams, and mackerel.

4. Intakes that contain a lot of sugar

Foods that cause gout Next is the one that contains a lot of sugar. For example, such as sweet cereals, bread, candy, sugary drinks, and soda. It is recommended to choose sweet drinks or foods that do not contain added sugar.

5. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is associated with an increased risk of and recurrence of gout attacks. Some cases did report no increased risk after consuming less wine. However, it is highly recommended not to consume alcoholic beverages to maintain body condition, or consult a doctor first.

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