“Round 2” invaded a loud sauna, breaking the gay party “Confiscated a lot of ice – sex awakening pills”

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9 Oct. 2021 5:08 a.m.

Police Invade the purple party mix up drugsAddicted at a Faros Sauna service in Ramkhamhaeng area, 10 tourists and shopkeepers arrested and seized “Ice-Viagra-Sex Awakening Pills” were found to have been arrested by the police last month. last May Investigate the owner admits to confessing. real open smuggling

At 12:20 AM on October 9, 64, 20 police officers from the Child and Women Welfare Department (KorKorDorSor) together with police officers Wang Thonglang Police Station Arrested at Faros Sauna, which opened as a gay bar mix up drugs Inside Soi Ramkhamhaeng 21 Intersection 2, Phlapphla Subdistrict, Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok

The scene opened for karaoke rooms, a swimming pool, a sauna and about 50 shared rooms in a gated area. Found a group of tourists gathered around the hall. for a drink downstairs can arrest tourists and the owner of the shop got a total of 10 people and confiscated the medium as an ice pack with drug paraphernalia and devices for intravenous injections, viagra, and a large number of inhaled sex pills

Col. Teerachai Chamnanmor, Deputy Commander of the Investigation Division. Metropolitan Police Headquarters Acting Superintendent of the Children and Women’s Welfare Division revealed that this service He had been arrested by the police last month. last May 57 suspects were arrested, but the smuggling was resumed not afraid of the law smuggling liquor And mix drugs in violation of the Emergency Decree From the investigation, Mr. Nu or Je Nu, 63 years old, the owner of the service facility. I confessed that real open smuggling

preliminary police officer All the suspects were detained for drug testing in the urine. before reporting the charges according to the circumstances of each person since the violation The Emergency Decree and the Communicable Disease Act, opening a service place without permission, selling liquor without permission, drug-related offenses and offenses related to psychoactive objects A sample of the drug will be taken for a thorough examination of its composition. before the additional charges were filed again. which the police will specify in the expression that It’s a double offense.

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