Rouen. The unlikely subterfuge of a fake agent to steal an elderly woman’s jewelry

The necessary water agent made sure that his victim placed his jewelry in a glass, in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (©Adobe Stock)

a new trickery theft occurred at the home of an elderly person, Thursday, September 9, 2021, in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). An 89-year-old woman living at Place Joffre received the visit of a false water agent, around noon. The individual claimed to have to deal with a leak in the basement, an explanation that the occupant of the house was not suspicious of, since a leak was well and truly known in this part of the house. Once entered, the man headed into the kitchen, where he imagined a improbable subterfuge to have the old lady remove the gold jewelry she was wearing.

Place the jewelry in a glass

He indeed asked her to place her rings and bracelets in a glass, in order to put it in the fridge, to “make smoke”. Faced with this scenario which has neither tail-nor-head, the police point out that these crooks do not lack of “patter”, and that confusing the minds of their victims is the privileged means to achieve their ends. In the kitchen, the woman finally realized that another man had entered her home. The two accomplices fled, taking the glass containing the jewelry.

Findings in the house were carried out by the forensic investigation group, in order to take fingerprints. The victim will file a complaint.

The police reminded us that we should not open under any circumstances to workers who come, without an appointment, to ring at the doors. Once inside the accommodation, these false agents, in almost all cases, manage to steal its occupant.

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