Rondje Groningen: The dirtiest mountain bike route in the province?

Witch burnings and dirty tracks in and around Westerwolde © Two Wheels And a Woman/YouTube

An area of ​​witch hunts, a filthy mountain bike trail and pink mushrooms quite reminiscent of candies. Welcome to the Round!

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1) They’re like strawberry foam candies

But they are really mushrooms that Geertje puts on the sensitive plate.

2) Celebrate with an alderman

That is what the Party for the Animals does.

3) TUI is not going to fly to Eelde

Fortunately, YouTuber Langeleegte92 can fully enjoy the planes that do fly in and out at Groningen Airport Eelde.

4) The dirtiest mountain bike trail? In Westerwolde!

Two Wheels And A Woman crosses on her two-wheeler in Westerwolde, and the track may be dirty… the images are beautiful.

5) ‘The Vulnerability of the Cappuccino City’

Urban geographer Martin Boisen of the RUG suddenly changed his mind during corona: ‘How big are Groningen’s squares!’ And also: where can we sit when all the chairs of the coffee shops are gone?

6) Sun lands in factory

Alma made this beautiful record in Delfzijl.

7) Even more evening sun

A little further on, at the beach of Delfzijl.

8) What a spectacle actually

Such a freighter under the Dorkwerder Bridge – captured with a drone.


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