Ronaldo’s Georgina – Uncle attacks her violently: “The baddest woman in the world” – Soccer

This criticism from her uncle should not leave Georgina Rodriguez (27), friend of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (36), cold!

Even before the start of the Netflix series about Rodriguez’s life of luxury (“Soy Georgina”, start: January 27), Georgina’s uncle Jesus Hernandez violently attacked her in an interview with “The Sun”.

The uncle accuses her that Georgina has forgotten her own family since she is with CR7. Hernandez is said to have even written on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Facebook page: “She is the baddest woman in the world”.

But how could this happen?

While Georgina is now living her dream, enjoying wealth and private happiness at the same time, her “old” life apparently still has one or two outstanding accounts. Two family members have now expressed disappointment at how abruptly contact broke off after Georgina met Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016.

Jesus Hernandez told The Sun: “She may feel ashamed of us and think she’s better than us because we don’t live in her luxury. I never asked her for anything. She’s only called once or twice since I found out she was dating Ronaldo.”

Photo: private

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Jesus Hernandez, uncle of Georgina Rodriguez (left) and Georgina’s grandmother Juana EscarabajalPhoto: private

She can no longer be reached by the family, and she has changed her cell phone number without giving notice. Strong allegations!

And other family members of Georgina are angry about their behavior. Her half-sister Patricia Rodriguez, 33, says: “When it was my son’s birthday I asked if she could ask Cristiano to sign a shirt for my boy and she said ‘no’ – she wouldn’t bother him if he was on holiday is.”

In the interview, Jesus Hernandez also describes the adverse circumstances in which Georgina grew up. Hernandez says he took care of Georgina when her father, Jorge, went to jail for a cocaine drug smuggling just before her fifth birthday.

Jesus Hernandez: “I was responsible for taking care of Georgina and her sister, buying them clothes, paying for electricity and water. I did everything Georgina lived with me during her teenage years.”

He was particularly struck by the fact that Georgina had never told him that her father Jorge died of a stroke three years ago: “Nobody told us that Jorge died. I don’t know why Georgina didn’t tell us. I tried to reach her.”

He adds, “I wrote on Cristiano’s Facebook: ‘You have the nastiest woman by your side’ and ‘if you want to know contact me, I’ll tell you’.”

Jesus himself lives with his wife and child in a two-bed house in south-east Spain and earns just over 700 euros a month.

Meanwhile, Georgina Rodriguez, who has nearly 30 million followers on Instagram alone, is enjoying her life of luxury with Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Her jewelery collection alone is said to be worth over three million euros, and CR7 recently gave her a Louis Vuitton suitcase worth almost 150,000 euros.

Meanwhile, the heavily pregnant Georgina, who is expecting twins around Easter, lives with CR7 and the children Cristiano jr. (11), the twins Mateo and Eva (4) and their daughter Alana (4) in an 8 million country house near Manchester.

But despite her life of luxury, her uncle’s accusations shouldn’t leave her cold…


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