Ronaldo: When Rangnick replaces him, the United star erupts in anger

Curses on the bench: When Rangnick replaces him, all the anger breaks out of Ronaldo

In Manchester United’s 3-1 Premier League win over Brentford, superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced by German coach Ralf Rangnick about 20 minutes before the end. The Portuguese is visibly upset by this decision.

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As Harry Maguire stood by on the touchline in the 71st minute, the fourth official showed the number seven on his board. Cristiano Ronaldo’s number. At that point, Manchester United were comfortably 2-0 up.

After the change, Ronaldo was visibly pissed off. He barely shook hands with his coach, threw down a jacket and bemoaned Rangnick’s decision. He wondered on the bench, “Why me?”

Rangnick: “If you’re a coach yourself, hopefully you’ll make the same decisions”

After Marcus Rashford scored 3-0 six minutes after Ronaldo’s substitution and was able to put the lid on it, Rangnick went to the Portuguese and whispered in his ear. Ronaldo then calmed down.

After the 3-1 win, Rangnick explained what he said to his superstar. “I understand you’re still ambitious and want to score, but maybe in a few years, when you’re a coach yourself, hopefully you’ll make the same decisions and be in the same role as me.” The decision applies exclusively to the well-being of the team.

According to Rangnick, the reason for the substitution was to secure the result with a five-man chain. Because a week earlier, after leading 2-0 against Aston Villa, the Red Devils had to concede two goals and could not get more than a draw. Rangnick was right and was able to win.

“I didn’t expect him to give me a hug for that. He’s a goalscorer and would have liked to have stayed on the pitch and maybe scored, but it was more important to stay compact (…) and when we scored I did exactly said that to him”, the German interim coach underpinned his decision.

Is Ronaldo threatening to leave in the summer?

Only seventh place in the table is clearly not enough for the record champions of the English Premier League. They have been chasing after their claims for the entire season. Fourth place is still only three points. Fourth place would be tantamount to Champions League qualification, which is the Red Devils’ minimum goal.

Achieving this is also of the utmost importance for Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes. Otherwise – reports the “Sun” – the star consultant threatens a possible change of his superstar in the coming summer if you don’t manage to qualify for the premier class.

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