Ronaldo does not debut on English TV

Cristiano Ronaldo is celebrating his comeback at Manchester United – but only fans with a ticket will see the world star’s debut live in England.

The second debut of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is eagerly awaited on the island. The Portuguese made a sensational change back to his old love Manchester United this summer. Since then, all eyes have been on the gatekeeper. On Saturday at 4 p.m., the new old number seven could make his first appearance for United. With Newcastle a grateful opponent is waiting for the “Red Devils”. Ronaldo has already played eleven times against the “Magpies”, the five-time world footballer never left the pitch as a loser, with ten wins and one draw. A full house is expected in “Old Trafford” – everyone wants to see the “CR7” do the magic!

For TV viewers, however, a long outdated tradition could now become a spoilsport. Because in England no football matches are allowed to be broadcast on television on Saturday between 2:45 and 5:15 p.m. Games that start at 3 p.m. cannot be followed live. The so-called “3pm blackout” was decided in the 1960s and was intended to encourage fans to go to the stadium instead of watching the games in the living room at home.

Precisely this rule could ensure that in England only a few “chosen ones” get to see the first ball actions by Cristiano Ronaldo in the ManUnited jersey. Around 75,000 spectators fit into the home ground of Manchester United. The rest of the British supporters only have the live commentary on the ManUnited homepage or the delayed highlight video.

This fact now causes displeasure among some fans. A Twitter user wrote, for example: “It would be nice if it could be seen on” Sky “or” BTsportfootball “. How can it be that Ronaldo’s debut is not on TV ?!”.

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