Rome-Turin 1-0: Abraham’s goal, Belotti’s injury

The Englishman decides in the 32nd minute on an assist from Mkhitaryan, but the grenades, who lose Belotti through injury, remain in the game until the end

A cynical and ruthless Rome folds a good Toro with the minimum gap, a victory that allows it to remain tied to Atalanta in the standings (at -3) in the race for fourth place. Waiting and restarting match for Mourinho’s team, which just needs a shot from Abraham and an invention by Mkhitaryan. Juric’s grenades return home again to applause and with their heads held high, but for the fourth consecutive away match they are defeated one to zero. Torino also loses Djidji and Belotti, a double muscle injury to be evaluated in the next few days.


The first half hour is a test of discrete personality on the part of the Taurus. The grenades produce a large possession, regularly advancing the center of gravity in the half of the field of a Roma that sets its game at the start all on waiting. Without his starting midfield (Cristante out, Veretout disqualified), the Giallorossi probably choose the only possible path having rebuilt a midfield at the start with two attacking midfielders (Pellegrini and Mkhitaryan) in the midfield positions. As if the patches weren’t enough, in the quarter of an hour Mourinho also loses Pellegrini, in whose place Perez enters. Juric, on the other hand, can field the titular Bull, with ten elevenths confirmed in the block after the victory against Udinese: the only novelty is the return of Singo on the right. In the first thirty minutes a Toro is appreciated who holds the possession stably (at the interval it will be 65%) and faces with a certain constancy on the parts of Rui Patricio. It starts in the 10th minute: Praet’s shot, the Portuguese goalkeeper is attentive. Ten minutes later Singo bowl a kiss cross for Praet’s head again, but the ball ends up in Rui Patricio’s arms. The occasion of greater depth happens on Pobega’s feet in the 24th minute, at the end of a good action triggered by Belotti and finished by Brekalo: the powerful conclusion of the midfielder flies however in the curve. Four minutes later Abraham saves on Buongiorno in front of goal. In short, up to now the Bull had stolen the show at the Olimpico.

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In this first half there is a before and an after. The border line is the thirty-second minute, when Abraham places the one shot at zero. The Bull is found uncovered in the retreat phase, Bremer’s delay in returning opens a central chasm that Buongiorno is unable to plug and into which Mkhitaryan is smart in throwing Abraham. The English giant finds himself with the door wide open in front of him and it is child’s play to punish Milinkovic. Toro swerves, Roma seeks the blow of the knockout At 36 ‘Chiffi concedes a penalty to the Giallorossi for the (clear) trip of Good morning on Abraham but it is Banti al Var who cancels everything after five minutes of waiting: the action begins with a return offside of Abraham himself. The end of the first half hangs on the side of Mourinho’s team: at 45 ‘Abraham still has the potential matchball, but on his close header he finds himself in front of an excellent Milinkovic.


At the start of recovery, Juric immediately replaces Djidji (stopped by a muscle discomfort) with Zima. Toro starts again with the right attitude, as a team not at all intimidated by the disadvantage and by the 46,728 spectators of the Olimpico. He practices constant offensive pressing with Lukic and Pobega, does not take advantage of a double rebound in the Giallorossi area shortly after the ready-off and, on the tenth, Rui Patricio must lie down on the right to intercept a powerful and angled shot from Brekalo. Roma continues on a wait-and-see track, leaving the grenade the responsibility of making the game, careful to close the gates with an armored 5-3-2, trying to hit with restarts. As in the 22nd minute with El Shaarawy who does not frame the goal. Twenty minutes from the end, Juric plays three fresh cards: in Pjaca (for Praet), Zaza (for Vojvoda) and Baselli (for Buongiorno). Two minutes later, however, even bad luck gets a hand: Belotti accuses the most classic of muscle injuries in the extension, and is forced to give way to the former Sanabria. The grenades try until the end, Roma cover and manage themselves and in the end the Olimpico can have a party.

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