Rolls-Royce Phantom shakes off police on pursuit

Rolls-Royce Phantom shakes off police on pursuit

A chase with a Rolls-Royce Phantom where the director does not use any tricks to hide the weight of the huge sled – we would like to see that in an action movie. These are not the recordings of the latest Frankenheimer movie (the best man has been gone for a while), but something that happened yesterday in Los Angeles. The whole thing was broadcasted live on YouTube.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom moves very nicely through the V12 with 570 hp, but in the corners the maneuverability suffers from the weight of more than 2,600 kilos. Fortunately, the driver does not cause any problems. Because the heavy container can potentially cause a major accident, the police cars keep an appropriate distance. This way the suspect sees his chance to escape.

The Phantom dives into a parking garage. Because the police keep their distance, the driver has plenty of time to get away on foot. There is no description of the driver and what doesn’t help is that the driver probably gets out of the Phantom fresh and fruity – it’s a Rolls-Royce after all. The driver of the vehicle has not yet been found at the time of writing.

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