Rogue-like ruins exploration action “LONE RUIN” to be released on January 12th. Set in the ruins of a magical city, a twin-stick shooter that shoots out monsters – AUTOMATON


Publisher Super Rare Originals announced on November 26th that the magical ruins action shooter “LONE RUIN]will be released on January 12th. Supported platforms are PC (Steam) and overseas Nintendo Switch.

“LONE RUIN” is an action game with a shooting element that fights enemies with magical power. The stage is a magical city that has now turned into ruins. It is said to be a place where civilization once flourished and people lived peacefully with magic. However, people were driven insane by magic and turned into strange creatures.

The Magic City is said to be built on a magical source used by ancient wizards. As a magical explorer, the main character visits this ruin called “Lone Ruin”. The goal of the game is to aim for the center of “Lone Ruin” to unlock the ancient power that sleeps there and cleanse the decaying city.

The main character uses his magical powers to face off against hordes of enemies. The key to strategy is choosing magic that matches your play style. In the trailer, in addition to the orthodox one-shot “shooting” magic, you can see beams with a charge and magic that develops around your character. Along the way, you can choose from a variety of upgrades and customization options to create powerful magic combos. It is said that you can enjoy different play for each lap, such as choosing a route to reach the depths of the ruins.

In addition to the main story, a survival mode is also available. A mode where you compete for how long you can survive against a group of enemies that grow stronger with each wave. In the trailer, you can see the stylish play of fighting while dodging a large number of enemies and flying barrages.

Cuddle Monster Games, a Swedish game company, is working on this work. He has worked on the 2D action shooting game Hell is Other Demons in the past. This is a work that features high-tension gameplay in which demons kill demons on the stage of hell. According to Steam user reviews at the time of writing the article, 93% of 258 reviews received a “very favorable” status with favorable reviews. It seems that the skills of action shooter production will be utilized even in this work that has become 3D looking down.

“LONE RUIN” is a PC (Steam) and overseas Nintendo Switch, scheduled to be released on January 12. According to the description on the Steam store page, it is planned to support play in Japanese.


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