“Roger Federer had a hard time accepting it,” says top analyst

The 2021 season served Novak Djokovic to close the gap that separated him from eternal rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the eternal Grand Slam ranking. The world number 1 won three majors that year and had a great chance of winning the US Open.

In the event of a victory in New York and the subsequent “Calendar Grand Slam”, Nole would have ended any debate about the GOAT. The 34-year-old Belgrade ended the season at the top of the ATP rankings for the seventh time in his career, replacing his idol Pete Sampras.

It looks completely different with Roger and Rafa, whose appearances on the tour have been very limited in recent months. The 40-year-old Swiss had surgery on his right knee for the third time, while the Spaniard played seven official tournaments in 2021.

The Manacor veteran is preparing to become active again in mid-December at the prestigious exhibition in Abu Dhabi. In a recent interview with “moneycontrol.com” the well-known New York Times correspondent Christopher Clarey explained why King Roger gets along much better with Nadal than with Djokovic.

Clarey talks about the Big 3

Clarey sees similar backgrounds as one of the reasons why Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal get along so well, while the Swiss and Novak Djokovic hardly meet or greet each other.

“Rafael Nadal was Roger’s first big challenger,” he said. “When Roger made peace, Djokovic came over. Federer had a hard time accepting it.” Clarey also admitted that since Nadal was always very humble and respectful towards Federer, he easily developed a strong bond with the Swiss.

“Rafa was deferential, Djokovic made personifications; maybe Federer didn’t appreciate much,” Clarey concluded. With the 2021 season coming to an end, the focus has shifted to the coming year.

It starts with the Australian Open, and players will be involved in certain events before the first Grand Slam event of the season. This also includes the ATP Cup, which has become a prominent event in which top players represent their nations.

Shortly after the ATP Cup, the players will focus on the first Grand Slam event of the season, the Australian Open. It will be interesting to see which nations go deep into the event and which players lead their team to glory. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic each have 20 majors at the end of the 2021 season.


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