Rodrigo de Paul, the great signaled by Atlético de Madrid

Rodrigo dePaul arrived at Atletico Madrid being one of the great signings of the summer market. A season later, the performance of the Argentine player has not been anything to write home about and his attitude, off the pitch, leaves a lot to be desired. The latest controversial episode, starring the international with the Argentine National Teamhas aroused the anger of the mattress fans.

After the international football break, Rodrigo dePaul asked the Atletico Madrid Permission to take a week off for personal matters. Both the club and the player agreed to satisfy this request, which is why the Argentine soccer player was unable to be present at the match between the mattress team and the Sevilla FC. Quite possibly, Rodrigo de Paul will not be available for the next Champions League game either, against witches from Belgium.

However, the anger of the fans of the Atletico Madrid has been caused when some images of Rodrigo dePaul They have started circulating on social media. Apparently, the personal issues for which the player decided to be absent this week, translate into going to Miami to witness a live awards gala in which the singer and soccer player’s girlfriend has been awarded.

Undoubtedly, this is an episode that has sparked controversy and has angered the vast majority of fans of the Atletico Madrid. The Argentine player has shown very little tact and his professionalism, in this case, has been conspicuous by his absence.

-The Cholo Simeone, very upset with the player

How could it be otherwise, the Cholo Simeone he is very angry with Rodrigo dePaul. The Argentine coach stands out for having a very particular character and this type of episode does not do him any favors. Therefore, his compatriot will have to give many explanations to be able to count on minutes before the Qatar World Cup. The most normal thing is that Rodrigo de Paul has few opportunities in the next matches as a punishment.


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