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Rocío Flores recovers on Instagram the photos of her most complicated time

by drbyos

As if it were some secret CIA documents, some photos that until now were hidden have come to light. Using the ‘unarchive’ option, which allows photos published but hidden from followers to reappear on the Instagram wall, Dew Flowers has recovered the first snapshots uploaded to the net at the end of 2012, the year in which the estrangement with his mother occurred, Rocio Carrasco.

It was on December 5 of that year when the young woman shared the first image on that social network: a pretty blurry selfie that has now been filled with comments attacking and praising her in equal measure, in the middle of a battle with her mother staged chapter by chapter in the docuserie ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

It must be remembered that in July of that year the much commented Rocío’s assault on her mother, which has already been covered in the documentary and, of course, in the episodes that Vanitatis published exclusively a year ago. In the advance of the next episode we see how the daughter of Rocío Jurado relates that while her daughter was hitting her, she had an open phone and there was someone on the other side, but we didn’t get to know who that person is.

We do not know why it is because Rocío Flores has decided to make these photos public now, which have nothing to do with the ones currently uploaded, in the middle of influencer with about 800,000 followers on Instagram. Obviously her mother does not appear in them, but we do see her with her brother or with her friends in images that barely have 400 ‘likes’ compared to the 82,000 that the last one uploaded has.

What it has done is disable the option for your followers to comment in his last two images to surely avoid unpleasant messages, since his eternal battle with his mother has polarized the Telecinco audience.

Gustavo González’s statements about Rocío Flores. (Mediaset)

Without commenting on the attack on Rocío Carrasco, the young woman seems to finally now want to give her version of events and thus counteract the media effect of her mother’s statements in the docuseries. As claimed Gustavo Gonzalez in ‘Saturday Deluxe’, the daughter of Antonio David and La Fábrica de la Tele “They decided to meet because she has expressed behind the scenes that she wants to speak.”

“Rocío Flores gives up on her mother. She is very angry with the truth that is being heard. Is willing to speak for free or to donate the money for a possible interview, “said the journalist.

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