Roberto Cherro, the bomber of the 218 goals that marked an era in Boca

It is the 56th anniversary of the death of the historic striker, who until Palermo’s 219th shout to Arsenal in 2010 had been Xeneize’s top scorer.

Before Martin Palermo take advantage of the assistance of Juan roman riquelme and will thrill the entire Bombonera with his goal No. 219 more than a decade ago, at the top of the historical scorers table of Boca another name stood out: Roberto Cherro, who passed away on a day like today, but in 1965, and He became a legend in the blue and gold institution.

Relentless, skillful and swift bomber, beyond his physical prowess, Cherro burned throats in the stands during the 1920s and 1930s. He forged his football at Sportivo Barracas, then went through Ferro and in 1926 he arrived in Boca and became the executioner of all goalkeepers in a still amateur football.

Sunday after Sunday, the “Virtuous juggler of soccer”, as the journalists described it, He left his mark on rival networks and increased the fan’s affection even more.. They also nicknamed him the Golden Head, its great capacity and lethality in aerial balls. Many also called him simply Cherro, although that was not his last name. The real one was Cerro, which due to its Italian origin sounded like it had a chopped.

Roberto Cherro

Until the dawn of April 2010, he had been the top scorer in Boca’s history. 218 yells in 301 games. A hellish average of 0.72 per presence. Nevertheless, Palermo snatched the first place and left the gunner of yesteryear one notch lower, that also He served in the Argentine National Team, won the silver medal at the Amsterdam Olympic Games, was runner-up at the 1930 World Cup and lifted two America’s Cups.

The top scorers in the history of Boca

  • Martin Palermo: 236 goals
  • Roberto Cherro: 218 goals
  • Francisco Varallo: 194 goals
  • Domingo Tarasconi: 191 goals
  • Jaime Sarlanga: 129 goals

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