Heavy trucks-violators did not get to the sand deposit through the villages in the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region. There are prohibition signs here.

As 47news was told in the Committee on Road Facilities of the Leningrad Region, on the morning of August 8, equipment blocked the exit to the site of the incident “Taiwan” with such roads in the village of Pervomayskoye, at the site of a traffic jam from trucks.

Photo: Committee for Road Facilities of the Leningrad Region

Video: Committee for Road Facilities of the Leningrad Region

The reason for the restriction was that overloaded cars from the quarry continued to drive through the village of Pervomayskoye, where the Ushkovo-Graviynoye highway is being repaired, despite the prohibition signs. One of those moments was caught on video.

Video: Committee for Road Facilities of the Leningrad Region

In addition, heavy trucks did not use canopies for bodies, so the roadway was covered with sand.

“The work of the quarry will be blocked until all legal requirements are implemented,” the committee commented.

According to 47news, last year 2023 it was decided that trucks with sand should leave the field in the direction of the Scandinavian federal highway, bypassing the villages of Pervomayskoye and Olshaniki. In front of this truck, the road was cut off several times with the help of a dug ditch. The dispute itself between the road workers and the administration of the quarry about the movement of overweight trucks and unwashed wheels began at the end of last year.

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