Rip music & download as MP3 – is that possible & is it legal?

With a Spotify account, you can listen to millions of streamed songs. If you still have an MP3 player at home or don’t want to use the Spotify app, the question arises as to whether you can rip the songs from Spotify and save them as MP3s.

If you just want to save your data volume and listen to music without an Internet connection, you should book Spotify Premium. On the one hand you can listen to the songs ad-free and on the other hand you can save all content locally on the smartphone for offline playback. But what if you want to download songs from Spotify to listen to them on your computer or MP3 player, for example?

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Spotify: Downloading music – you should know that

Whether recording music from Spotify is legal, has not been clearly clarified by law. So you are acting in at least a gray area. First of all, the recording of songs on streaming services and online radio stations is legally permitted, similar to the classic recording on cassette. However, this only applies if you record the songs for private purposes and do not sell them on. Appropriate software makes it possible to record the audio signal on the computer, which allows you to save the songs.

In the case of music streaming providers such as Spotify or “Apple Music” but there is a caveat: Unlike when listening to music on a radio, for example, creating an account confirms the terms of use of the provider. These prohibit copying and duplicating content from the streaming catalogue. That’s what Spotify says in point 7:

„FUnder no circumstances is the following permitted: 1. Copying, redistributing, reproducing, “ripping”, recording, transmitting, publicly performing or exhibiting, broadcasting or making available to the public any Spotify Service or the Content or any part thereof […]“.

So do you use a ripper you act against the general terms and conditions. If the use of programs for Spotify music download is detected, your account with the streaming service be blocked and deleted. You will then no longer have access to your playlists and will no longer be able to stream music via the service.

Spotify & Co.: Record music on the PC

This is what the well-known lawyer Christian Solmecke says about the question of whether you can record music from Spotify:

Some lawyers argue that general terms and conditions cannot undermine the right to private copying and that recording music is therefore legal. So far, there are no known cases where users have been prosecuted after ripping Spotify content. However, there is still a risk of an account being blocked. This is especially true if unnatural behavior is detected in the account.

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With free tools, the sound signal can be recorded on the computer and saved as a file. The programs “Audacity”, “Recordify‘ or Audial’s Tunebite. Recordings can be saved in individual files in MP3 format. Using the tools is self-explanatory. In-depth training is therefore not necessary. Note that on the music streaming services, musicians get paid based on the plays.

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Earnings at Spotify & Co. are not particularly high for artists. So if you want to support musicians and still want to hear new material from your favorite bands in the future, you shouldn’t simply rip the songs to cut the narrow source of income even further. Support your favorite bands, keep buying records and CDs and going to concerts!

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