Rihanna "Bitch Better get the money" Music video dispute

So much blood and nudity Suggest us for streaming! – http://tinyurl.com/q32mw8y h / t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3eAMGXFw1o Watch Bryce Vines ….


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  1. all these pop artists with same repeatings about how many millions of copy they"ve sold etc and in this case rihanna oh plz u think her album or single would earn her so much without having any kind of controversy or sexual content in it?? beyonce had to create her whole lemonade fiasco based on Jay Z disloyalty to get so much of attention.

    A real artist are those who can sell without nudity/controversy scandal. Give this as a challenge to Rihanna beyonce taylor swift etc and see how much as an only true artist without mesia help they can sell…

  2. I don't know. its very hard listening to music and watching the MV's these days because of how dark and sexual the music industry in America has become. when I watched the video Riahnna practicly kidnapps the guys wife and tortured her to get at the guy who supposedly has her money. This seems pretty extreme for a music video. Also the fact that she looks like she's enjoying it and that its making this look sexually apealing really looks like this video was made to promote torture as a way to get the things you want and that its sexy to do it. That's just my opinion.

  3. I actually thought it was pretty cool, like some kind of fucked up movie like hostel and I didn't mind seeing the nudity, it didn't look like they were focusing on it and using the nudity for views.
    I also really don't think people are upset about this because she's black, and only white people can create this content, thats just fucking stupid. Remember when miley first started going crazy? She's white and everyone had a fit about her. Not everything is about race… Some people are just upset because they're upset.

  4. oh come on people, this song is crap and the video is just cheap thrill titties and blood.  Rhianna has actual talent  I don't know why she does this kind of thing.  it just makes her look bad as a person.

  5. I don't understand the backlash. If Taylor Swift did this, everyone would be "OMG this is the new Taylor! Let's bow down to her!" But the thing with Rihanna is, she doesn't give a SHIT about what anyone thinks about her. She strives to do what she want, to the best of her ability. There were 26 versions of the video before it came out, but she constantly wanted to improve it and make it exactly her vision. She's said herself that she has no desire to be a role model to younger kids. Umm hellooooo. Doesn't her music CLEARLY say that? Kids shouldn't be listening and enjoying a song like this in the first place. And plus, if a male rapper did a video like this, I doubt it'd be age restricted and face any controversy. Anyways, it's just Rihanna doing Rihanna. Her new album will be her biggest and best masterpiece, and will be full of meaningful, quality music (which the music industry needs – most songs right now are basic with no artistic ability). #RihannaFuckingNavy!

  6. OMG people get shocked .. why …you guys can buy guns .and shoot people …Rihanna just make money with all what is possible in your country .. i love her. Sam your shoes are old fashion.

  7. The song is called Bitch Better Have My Money…..of course its gonna be a crazy video for kids not to listen to (which is why there is a disclaimer rating at the beginning) Id be more disappointed if it was some generic club video throwing money into the crowd like most videos are now a days. LOVED the video!

  8. For the most part I quite like Rihanna's music, but that song is just AWFUL. Nothing about the video. I don't care about the video. The song is just too bad to subject myself to again to watch the video. Some of her songs are so good though…but this is just terrible.

  9. I just think people need to realise these artist don't ask to be and shouldn't have to be responsible for the children consuming their artistry (if you can call it that), that is their parents responsibility. My parents brought me up to be able to see these "harmful" images and still be able to live a happy well adjusted life

  10. Umm…so what kind of parent is going to 1.) Allow their kid to listen to a song called "BITCH…lol Better Have My Money" and then 2.) complain about her music video being inappropriate??  …I'm sorry but I think that's so stupid lol. Rihanna is a pop artist, not a nun for goodness sake.

  11. Also that guy was Mads Mikkelsen, the lead in the show Hannibal(which has also been quite controversial), where he plays Hannibal Lector. I thought it was super cool that he was in the video.

  12. I like this show, a lot. But the "breaking news" bit you guys did about the BET awards is kind of bad, now having to retract it for obvious reasons. The fact that it is "breaking news" and so quickly made up is not an excuse for worse "journalism" (I know technically this isn't journalism). It doesn't hurt to be more patient and double check certain things for future reference – people watch you for your honest opinions about real controversial things (and there are plenty of things to be said about the BET awards, as you slightly covered in this video), not for being the first to break the story (especially if at expense of truth).

  13. Guys this is about Rihanna getting fucked by her actual accountant back in 2009. The accountant told her she could afford all these things when she couldn't . So Rihanna ended up suing the accountant for bad advice hence the line "don't act like you forgot "

  14. Funny how sour some people seem to be towards the concept like its something new. Tarantino has an entire film career based on nudity, revenge, blood and money and no one is saying "but what about the kids". But I guess only middle aged white men are allowed to make that type of content.. ☕️

  15. Just remember how much you liked this when a white guy is playing the lead role in the revenge murder movie killing and torturing non white people and you want to talk all kinds of shit.

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