Home Tech Riders Republic: 60fps, total immersion and always more players, Ubisoft details the pillars of the game

Riders Republic: 60fps, total immersion and always more players, Ubisoft details the pillars of the game

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Game news Riders Republic: 60fps, total immersion and always more players, Ubisoft details the pillars of the game

While Riders Republic is slated for release next week, JV took to Ubisoft Annecy to learn more about this extreme sports title. The opportunity to visit the studios and ask the developers a few questions to understand the philosophy of the game.

Riders Republic aims to provide an extreme online experience! Can be played for competition and / or for the pleasure of playing with friends, this game developed by Ubisoft Annecy allows you to practice several sports in American national parks ranging from biking to swnowboarding, skiing or even wingsuiting for example.

Competition, but not only …

Extreme sports, everyone practices them as they wish! This is a bit like the philosophy around Riders Republic. Indeed, you will be able to do competitions with more than fifty players, but also admire superb panoramas and this on several disciplines. Enough to perfect your riding skills while discovering the different mechanics offered by the developers. However, once the competition is over, it will still be possible to take advantage of the third half with your friends to have fun and customize your avatar. An entire program !

A real challenge

Ubisoft Annecy had several main principles in mind from the start of development. First the 60 frames per second, ensuite a convincing and immersive visual rendering, and finally always more players to better share the experience. And this whatever your gaming medium, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One or even PC. Besides, there will be no restrictions between platforms and you will be able to make new friends on a different console than yours.

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full immersion

Thus, during this report, you will learn how the world of Riders Republic was conceived and the ways in which the different components of the title were approached. Whether it be during ski, bike, snowboard or wingsuit sessions, there is a real desire to make players feel strong and realistic. If this obviously goes through the technique and the gameplay, the sound environment was also very worked, as we could see it while discussing with the audio director. Finally, you will understand how the social aspect and the creativity of the players are at the center of the experience.

If you want to get a first opinion, Riders Republic has had free access since October 21 which will run until the 27th. The full game will be released on October 28th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X | S.

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A propos de Riders Republic

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