Riches in the mind – A whole "rebulú" for 13 trillion euros

Riches in the mind – A whole "rebulú" for 13 trillion euros

“Reports are left to the Rosary”, as if it were a plot taken from Hollywood, and with about 30 thousand presumed heirs, a “rosary” is woven with multiple accounts and without any mood to finish. The idea of ​​thirteen billion euros revolves around the minds of relatives and their last generations in search of this amount of money they claim, belongs to them.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, since the evidence and recent investigations do not give light to this dark tunnel surrounded by so many questions, however, the Rosary persist and have peephole in court to prove that the lands of Cotuí, where the Barrick Gold company is located, correspond to their ancestors, Rosario Díaz, and that the expropriation of these acres was illegal.

These “accounts” are somewhat inaccurate, since, according to the versions of some of them, the inheritance money arrived through the Bank of Spain in Santander in November 2017 and was deposited with the Reserve Bank, and presumably despite the fact that it was “approved”, it is in the hands of the lawyer who takes the case, Johnny Portorreal.

Other people, on the other hand, attribute that the monetary amount was sent to that Spanish bank through the embassy of Spain in 1996 and that being inside that financial institution is generating resources, so solicit a consensus should be made between the family equally receives these euros.

According to José Vargas, one of those accused of being part of the family tree of the Rosary; The embassy of that Ibero-American country “monitored” the process and even sent inspectors and lawyers to clarify the issue. He also specified that before December 2018, the books pay with the names of possible heirs in the bank and that they were legally supported.

According to the version of Vargas, offered to a group of journalists of the newspaper Listin Diario, this family asks for an inheritance, belonging to Jacinto Rosario, who at that time was involved in the mines and which exported gold to France and Spain, but He indicated that the country was in the full dictatorship of Trujillo, he wanted to expropriate the land.

These appearances come mainly from Cibao, in particular Cotuí, Bonao, La Vega and San Francisco de Macorís and have waited for the inheritance to be delivered for seven years.

In addition, Vargas said that when the process was ready for payment there were some legal problems and that the Reserve Bank never denied having that money.

Likewise, he stressed that this money probably has a century without being handed over to the heirs. “Money is in the country, we are talking about trillions of dollars and euros, 7 years of documented research has been done where those lands have legal support”.

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