Rheumatologist said about the extreme danger of “good” nutrition

Rheumatologist, professor Aida Babaeva said in an interview with V1.RU that people with a high level of income are sometimes affected by the disease gout, the development factor of which is largely due to nutrition. Gout is an increased excretion of uric acid due to the increased intake of purine compounds in the body.

Uric acid is converted into salts that are deposited in the joints, which interferes with their performance.

Men suffer from gout much more often than women. The joint begins to ache, especially in the lower leg. Walking and any movement in general is painful.

To reduce the likelihood of gout, you need to give up excess meat foods. It is necessary to give preference to plant foods. However, legumes and spinach, which are healthy foods, are high in purines. Therefore, their use should also be strictly limited. “And from animal food it is necessary to exclude or drastically reduce the consumption of meat, by-products, such as liver, kidneys and lungs, caviar, chocolate, animal oil,” Babaeva said.

Babaeva added that being overweight is also a factor in the development of gout. Therefore, those wishing to stay healthy need to closely monitor him.


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