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On Sunday (November 21, 3:30 p.m.) the number 1 will play against the number 13 of the 2nd Bundesliga in Hofheim in Hofheim’s Brühlwiesen-Halle (Rudolf-Mohr-Straße). And although both teams have had very different results so far, an exciting match can be expected.

SG Weiterstadt got off to a poor start to this season, but was not complete right from the start. The former top scorer Christina Krick only rejoined the team very late after she had left Weiterstadt for study reasons. In the last close game against Heidelberg she showed how valuable she can be for her team (20 points, 2 threesomes). You can also rely on the two Gießelbach sisters, who always have good hit rates.

And although the team from Weiterstadt only narrowly lost the duel between the bottom two against USC Heidelberg II on the last day of the match, Baskets head coach Saymon Engler has been warned. “We have to take them just as seriously as any opponent,” he warned against this game.

The hall in Hofheim is as familiar to the baskets as the Georg-Sehring-Halle in Langen. They also train regularly in Hofheim. For the “rookies” from the WNBL team of the Baskets, Hofheim is anyway the home ground where they feel familiar.

For the audience from Langen it is rather unusual; The Baskets had their last game in Hofheim in September against Würzburg, and they just lost this cup game with 59:62.

Source: Rhein-Main Baskets press release


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