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Meat processing company SIA “Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts” has started production of products for vegans, the main component of which is pea protein.

At present, not only vegans and vegetarians, but everyone plans their menu more carefully, trying to make it as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible, so the company has taken a step in this direction as well.

Following the current nutritional trends in the world, already in the spring the company started production of the product line under the brand “Rāzna”, which was based on the basic principles of the current diet trend – flexitarianism, adding textured gray peas to meat products and making them more nutritious.

Although there are about 6% of vegetarians in the world and about 4% of vegans, vegan products are chosen not only by vegans, but also by flexitars, who choose a plant-based diet based on their diet, sometimes including meat. Analytics companies predict that the global vegan food market will grow by 10% annually, with particularly high rates in the United States. According to some sources, this year the highest demand in the group of vegan food products – about 50% – is observed for meat alternatives and frozen ready meals, the company points out.

“Currently, boiled sausages and boiled sausages of this series are available in Latvian stores, while frozen VEGAN balls, dumplings and burger cutlets are also exported. The main advantages of these products are that they do not contain meat and soy, but the main ingredient is pea protein,” Dina Freiberga, head of the sales department of “Rēzekne meat factory”.

“The development of new product lines is always a time-consuming process, and this time too – the VEGAN line was created about a year ago – products of many Latvian and other European manufacturers were tasted, thorough market research was performed, looking for ideal recipes,” adds D. Freiberga.

Last year, SIA “Rēzeknes gaļas kombināts” had a turnover of 50.463 million euros, which is 10.7% more than a year earlier, at the same time the company’s profit was 1.792 million euros, as opposed to losses a year earlier, according to information published by “”.

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