Review: The Voyeurs – Erotic thriller without potency

We think it was wise of Jeff Bezos and Amazon Prime Video to buy MGM so that they got some quality films in the range, because their own production is of the diverse kind.

Feminin The Irishman

Amazon serves us a rough, dirty and realistic mafia story, seen from a woman’s point of view. A fresh twist on an otherwise slightly stagnant genre.

Not that all original movies from Prime Video are necessarily bad, for example I’m Your Woman an excellent mafia thriller. But this year’s films from the mail order giant have largely had a half-hearted, unmistakable scent of the 1980s. The Voyuers is not even half-hearted…

Almost 30 years ago (1993) we could see the somewhat legendary Sharon Stone, William Baldwin (yes, the least known of the Baldwin brothers) and Tom Berenger in the erotic thriller Sliver. A pretty so cheesy film where the newly moved Stone, time and time again and increasingly challenging, ends up in bed with young Mr. Baldwin.

Berenger sits in one of the skyscraper’s many rooms and watches them…

In Prime Video’s attempt to intertwine the story of people’s inherent, sexual, snooping and / or exhibitionism, we meet the young newly moved couple Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith). In their apartment in downtown Montreal, they have panoramic views straight into the apartment of the eccentric neighbors Julias (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) and Sebs (Ben Hardy).

Pippa and Thomas quickly become interested in the neighbors’ intimate privacy. When the couple discovers that the neighbor is unfaithful, the curiosity gradually grows into an obsession and things start to spin out of control.

Michael Mohan is responsible for both the direction and the script in this shaky turkey, where perhaps the film’s most “fun” moment occurs when the thieves’ viewers see that the neighbor is suffocating. We hardly believe what we see in the form of bad acting, bad timing and lack of realism and emotional contact.

Mohan tries, without success, to create an erotically charged atmosphere with the help of binoculars, sexy lingerie, role-playing games and outrageous / mysterious characters. But everything seems so artificial and unbelievable that we almost get tired of the two hours that the drama lasts.

Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) plays a capable role as obsessed, but struggles with stupid dialogue, an incoherent action and lack of spark in his opponent. The sex god Seb has the same amount sex appeal and charisma like a stiff stick – he most closely resembles the uncommitted Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of Grey.

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The Voyeurs (Foto: Prime Video)

The crime mystery that is eventually woven into the story is neither exciting nor captivating. Much more annoying and incredible. In the last act, Mohan even tries to “pull-a-rabbit-out-of-the-hat” with a “you-did-not-come-to-come” ending – but we definitely don’t get to see anything ”I-see-dead-people”-moment.

We anticipate some criticism of today’s surveillance and social media society, but are unsure whether it is intentional or not – it falls flat anyway.

If you are looking for explicit nudity (on the verge of speculative) you will be richly rewarded. The Voyeurs is a film that film censorship had tried to ban 20 years ago, but despite a lot of nudity, the film never feels erotic, rather involuntarily laughable and artificial. 2 stars.

The Voyeurs (Foto: Prime Video)

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