Retentions in Barcelona and Madrid and 57 roads affected by snow

The main accesses to Barcelona and Madrid suffer significant retentions at this time in the afternoon of Monday, December 6, according to sources from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), who, on the other hand, indicate that there are currently 57 highways of the secondary network affected by the snowstorm.

In Barcelona there is slow traffic due to an accident on the C-33 near Montcada i Reixac, and the situation on the C-16 as it passes through Berga and Cercs is also complicated.

The most relevant retentions in Madrid take place from the A-2 at the height of Torrejón de Ardoz; from the A-5 in Navalcarnero and the A-6 in Las Rozas and El Plantío; and on the A-3 in both directions in Rivas-Vaciamadrid.

On the other hand, the DGT has also reported that at this time in the afternoon there are 57 roads of the secondary network affected by the snowstorm, of which 15 are impassable and in 25 of them the use of chains on tires is mandatory. winter when all of them are at red level.

The most complicated situation due to this storm is experienced in the communities of Aragón, Castilla y León and Catalunya.

Anticipate the return

In this sense, the DGT itself today urged citizens who are in the northern half of Spain to anticipate the return of the Constitution and Immaculate Bridge given the forecast of heavier snowfalls for Wednesday the 8th and also taking into account that tomorrow is a working day.

The reason is the entry starting tomorrow of a new front of cold air and subsequent discharge of precipitation in the form of snow that could hinder road traffic in the northern half of the peninsula on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and that could affect not only to secondary roads, but also to high-capacity roads, warns the DGT.

This entry will bring with it a drop in the snow level to between 400 and 800 meters in the extreme north, from 600 to 900 in the center and from 1,000 to 1,400 in the southeast, so snowfall is expected in the mountainous areas of the Cordillera Cantabrian, Pyrenees, Iberian System and Central System and also in flat areas of sufficient altitude.

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With these forecasts, Traffic advises that, in addition to advancing the return trip, “it is very important” that the rest of the citizens residing in the northern half of the peninsula avoid all those road trips that are not essential and wait until they are not. there are weather alerts.

The 21 automated and monitored diversions for bagging trucks are now ready for operation, to be activated if necessary.



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