Residents of a village near Volgograd rescued a cow stuck in mud – video

Residents of the village of Peschanka in the Sredneakhtubinsky district of the Volgograd region independently carried out a rescue operation. As the chairman of the village, Anton Belov, told IA “Vysota 102”, the emergency with the animal occurred on the erik, where the cow came to drink. She got stuck with her feet in the mud and could not get ashore on her own.

– We have a village chat. One of the residents wrote there that he saw a cow that had been standing in the water for three hours. We came, we saw, it’s worth it. She can’t get out on her own, apparently stuck. There is still a steep coast, but she cannot swim across to another – she has no strength anymore, – said Belov.

According to him, the death of a cow would bring a lot of trouble to the inhabitants of the village, since the water in the erik would be poisoned with cadaveric poisons.

– There are hydraulic locks here, which the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations open only during the flood period. Water is drawn in and the gates are lowered. It turns out that the rest of the time the water stands here, heats up. Many take water from here for technical needs, since there is no water supply in the village, – the source of the agency explained.

For help, local residents turned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the administration of the city of Krasnoslobodsk, but they were refused there, explaining that they were not doing this. The city administration advised to resolve this issue with the owner of the cow.

Then the village chat came to the rescue again. Through it, 6-7 volunteers were found who volunteered to pull the cattle out of the water. The cow was tied with a rope, pulled to the shore and helped to get out of the erik. After the rescue, the happy animal rushed at a gallop to the owner, who, as it turned out, had been looking for her cow for several hours.

Video: Anton Belov/VK


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