Repair of the noise protection wall – Gutach im Breisgau

Lane closure on B294.

(BZ). From Tuesday, September 7th until Friday, September 17th, the government council of Freiburg (RP) is renovating a noise protection wall on the bridge of the B 294 between Bleibach and Gutach. The heavily damaged protective elements made of wood are replaced by those made of aluminum. The foundations and supports of the wall remain unchanged.

The lane in the direction of Elzach is required for the work, which is why traffic is directed to the opposite lane. There is therefore only one lane available in the direction of Waldkirch. On Tuesday, September 7th, disabilities are to be expected in the morning due to the construction of traffic safety, the RP further announced. Work in the street starts at 6 a.m., from 9 a.m. only one lane is temporarily available. Until the work is completed in the early afternoon, traffic is controlled by a set of traffic lights.

The Strae Auf dem Schnwasen and Elzstrae are only temporarily closed on one side for lifting and lifting the noise protection elements.


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