Relatives are confused! young man in an accident Handcuffed, controlled, drunk, finally died, bleeding mouth-nose.

Relatives are confused! young man in an accident handcuffed Controlled to blow drunk-tested urine, but did not find it, finally died, bleeding mouth-nose. Due to severe brain concussion, why send to the hospital late, seize the mobile phone

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On November 30, 64, reporters reported that the relatives of Mr. Thanawat Kladsanoh, 41 years old, consisted of father, mother, sister and brother, complaining to the press after Mr Thanawat’s death. Last November 22, Mr. Thanawat had an accident on Sukhumvit Road, Naklua Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province. In the manner of that incident, Mr. Thanawat came straight to the other side, riding a motorcycle across the U. Turn to cut the front of the car. until the collision causing injuries

Even the rescuers came to help bring the parties to the hospital, but Mr. Thanawat had no wounds, so he was not delivered The police later came to investigate the scene. Before detaining Mr. Thanawat, bonded with handcuffs behind his back Then lifted up the back of the pickup truck to Bang Lamung Police Station, Chonburi Province.

The relatives also revealed that The reason why the officers detained Mr. Thanawat went there for drug testing. and the amount of alcohol in the body, but not found Until late at night, it was found that Mr. Thanawat had symptoms of blood flowing from his mouth and nose. therefore taken to Bang Lamung Hospital But with severe condition, had to be transported to Chonburi Hospital until death by specifying the cause of death that The brain was severely affected. It was learned that Mr. Thanawat had died after several hours of being unable to contact him. because the officers confiscated the mobile phone so no one can be contacted at all.

which such an event caused a lot of regret and frustration Although the incident that happened, they were not in the event. but was able to find it from the CCTV at the scene Can record images of various events, causing everyone to suspect that even though Mr. Thanawat is the one who came directly Probably the side being back was put in the hand mobile phone Including the delay in bringing to the hospital that caused Mr. Thanawat’s death, which if contacted, would follow or help to take him to the hospital, Mr. Thanawat may not have died.


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