Redwall movie trailer

Request from matthiasatredwall. This was different with the MTW Trailers because this trailer has music and sounds from the movie.


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  1. Hey, I also like this series… not as much as I did when I was a kid, but still, it's a good series. I can understand you. Though it doesn't make the riddles less weird, though. 😉

  2. Actually, even the first book's riddle has one problem: how does Martin know the future so damn precisely? It worked when his past was mysterious, but it doesn't work now. But at least the characters can actually solve it.
    Not in Mossflower. The intuition leaps are so damn crazy that the only reason it ever gets solved is because the writer says so. Not enough information.
    And then there are ones like Pearls of Lutra (I think), which are just wordplay and far too simple for "ancient riddles".

  3. And the riddles were getting progressively more idiotic and random with each bloody book. Actually, the only riddle that I acknowledge as such is in the very first book. It had its share of weirdness, but it was at least solvable.

    Still, Brain Jacques certainly knew how to write an awesome setting and some great characters… and at the end that's all that mattered. Made for some great books.

    Triss is actually one of the few main characters that I don't like. 😉

  4. @kaseyfelker01 there is no movie, all this clips are from the tv series. There is made a movie but thats just the serie, but then glued together. the violent scenes from the series are deleted.

  5. @sangheilisniper Ay. I think Triss is where the formulas shine started to wear off. After that the series has kinda gone down hill in quality. The villains aren't as epic and are taken out in some really BS ways. In one case the big baddie was slain by a stone thrown by a badger oblivious to who he was. Plus the bad guys seem to put up less than a fight than they should considering how built up they are. Now even the ever dangerous and infamously nasty wolverines are slain in stupid ways.

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