Redundant shock friends! A young man sitting in a gang of alcoholic beverages suddenly shouted and fell to his death on the side of the road. corpse test for covid

A young man sitting and eating with his friends suddenly got up and shouted. After a while, he collapsed and died on the side of the road. The results of an ATK corpse were found.COVID

At 4 p.m. (July 4), Police Lieutenant Chamrat Mai, deputy senator (investigation) at Bang Khun Thian Police Station. Notify of roadside fatalities In the middle of Soi Ekachai 8, Bang Khun Thian Subdistrict, Chom Districtgold The BMA then reported to the supervisors before rushing to check with Siriraj Forensic Medicine. Volunteer at Ruam Kuayyu Foundation

The scene where the body was found Mr. Piyawat, 40 years old Sleeping condition, wearing only blue boxer shorts. no trace of wound Volunteer staff wearing PPE uniforms performed preliminary swaps and found positive results. Therefore, the body was covered and sent to the forensic pathologist. The autopsy continues to determine the true cause of death.

Pol Col Chamrat said that from asking the deceased friend that The deceased worked on shrimp ponds. Bangkradi area by living with his mother in Bang Nam Nam Today, the deceased came to drink with him at home in the alley, suddenly walked out on the roadside screaming and soon fell to the ground for unknown reasons. Now we have to wait for the official results of the covid test of the deceased friend. If the result is found to be negative, it will be called for a thorough investigation later. As for the mother at the moment, she can’t be contacted, so she takes her body to the hospital and waits for her relatives to take the next step.


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