Red Sox, Garret Richards agree to two-year contract

The Red Sox de Boston and the starting pitcher Garret Richards agreed to a one-season contract for the MLB 2021.

After many rumors that both parties were negotiating a contract and that they were quite close, the signing was confirmed and the right Garret Richard will be pitching for the Red Sox de Boston in the MLB 2021.

Richards is a 10-season veteran in the MLB, last season he was 2-2 with a 4.03 ERA in 51 innings of labor with 46 strikeouts. Garret Richards He is 6’2 with 220 pounds, has extraordinary control in his arm.

There is no doubt that the rotation of Red Sox it’s going to look a lot better with the arrival of Richards. Before the offseason, that rotation was one of the worst in Major League Baseball 2020.

Here the report:

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