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Red Bull Racing not afraid of ‘rocket engine’ Mercedes due to new FIA tests

by drbyos

Red Bull RacingCEO Helmut Marko believes that his formation and Max Verstappen have nothing to fear from ‘s ‘rocket engine’ Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton will race in Saudi Arabia with the aggressively tuned engine with which he also won in Brazil.

The seven-time world champion drove in Qatar with an older example under the hood, but will fall back in Jeddah on a newer power source with fewer kilometers on the counter. With this copy, the Briton claimed an unexpected victory at Interlagos, after he had to start the sprint race last and the Grand Prix eventually started from P10. This engine should reportedly give Hamilton a big boost on the street circuit in Saudi Arabia, which according to the organization is the fastest street circuit in the world.

New FIA tests

However, Marko is convinced that the advantage Mercedes had in Brazil has diminished due to new rear wing tests that the FIA ​​first applied in Qatar. “We saw that Hamilton’s advantage on the straights in Qatar was not so special anymore,” he said F1 Insider. “It was about within normal ranges.”

No worries at Red Bull Racing

According to the man from Graz, this is because Mercedes can no longer use the “extremely flexible rear wing” due to the new tests by the FIA. “Mercedes will start using Brazil’s rocket engine in Saudi Arabia again, but we’re not worried. Because you can’t lower the spoiler anymore, it won’t give you a 0.4 second advantage.”

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