recovered from the mobile phone of one of the boys the video of the violence that frames the herd

recovered from the mobile phone of one of the boys the video of the violence that frames the herd

Latest news on gang rape in Palermo

The technical consultants of the Prosecutor’s Office managed to trace the original footage from which it would be inferred that the defensive thesis of the herd, centered on the consent of the 19-year-old, cannot exist. And the suspicion is that the 22-year-old wanted to earn from sending those images.

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Latest news on gang rape in Palermo

Il full video that frames the seven young people arrested for the rape that took place at the Foro Italico in Palermo on 7 July, he was recovered. According to the investigators it would be the footage recovered from the 22-year-old’s cell phone involved, the oldest of the group, the only one who knew the girl.

La Stampa reports that in this way the frames relating to the violence were extrapolated, reconstructing the role that each of them had that night, and above all demolishing the defense thesis of the pack, focused on the consent of the 19-year-old.

In the video we can therefore also see how the abuses were also carried out by the only young man, among the seven involved, who was a minor at the time of the abuse and who had spoken of “a repentance” at first, obtaining to be released from prison and assigned to a community, but which was then brought back behind bars because bragged on social media than what he had done.

The seven were distributed among the prisons of Sicily West, Termini Imerese, Trapani, Agrigento, Sciacca, Favignana and Castelvetrano. In recent days, his transfer from the Palermo prison had been requested for fear of possible retaliation by the other inmates.

Up to this moment there had been talk of videos of a few seconds that the 22-year-old would have sent “to whom should I send them” and then deleted them from the phone. But according to the Corriere della Sera it would be a 15 minute video. Just that sentence, intercepted,”I’m sending them to whoever I had to send them” aroused the attention of investigators. The suspicion is that the boy wanted to sell that video.

And it is no coincidence that after the story catalysed the attention of the media, the hunt for the video would have started in some Telegram channels, with even economic offers to those who managed to recover it. However, those who have tried to look for it have come across at most a few scams.


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